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Ackerman, Kris 7th Grade English Language Arts & ELA Support, World History  
Beccaria, Gino Science  
Bocc, Ann Science  
Clark, Charmon US History, English Language Arts  
Connel, Gee Gee World History and English Language Arts  
Dominguez, Jennifer Physical Education and Leadership  
Gay, Barbara CCSS Math, Algebra Readiness and World History  
Goudie, Tanisha 8th Grade English Language Arts & ELA Support  
Hamlin, Virginia Mathematics  
Howell, Kathryn US History and English Language Arts  
Kaplan, Cristina ESL and English Language Arts  
Krause, Laurie Physical Education  
Lacey, Kathryn English Language Arts  
Maydole, Megan CCSS Math and Pre-Algebra  
Mayer, Mark Band, Guitar, Performing Arts  
McLain, Mark SDCHS  
McNiff, Jessica Science  
Moore, Lisa Math and AVID  
Patton, Amy Science and English Language Arts  
Prince, Kelly SDCHS  
Zimbler, Dan World History and US History  
Shreve, Aaron Mathematics and Spanish  
Taylor Bell, Lacey Arts and Crafts   
Werner, Gretchen Bridge Academy and EL Support