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Lawrence Cook Middle School is a proud family that empowers and prepares students for their future.


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Middle School Attendance Information


Información sobre la Asistencia Escolar en las Escuelas Secundarias

La ley requiere la asistencia escolar. Cada niño entre las edades de 6 y 18 año debe asistir a sus clases ...more

LCMS Leadership Activities

Leadership Events and Dates for 2017-2018:


Orientation Date:


**Monday, August 14, 2017

   7th Grade:

   8th Grade:


Renaissance Rallies and Spirit Days:  TBPlanned and TBA


Dances: TBA



Other ideas in the works:

Family Movie Night

Game Day at the end of a week

Lunchtime activities


Donors Choose

Some of our teachers are asking for donations for various projects and field trips.  Details are on the website, and many dontations have matching funds from various organizations.  Click through to DonorsChoose to make a contribution!



We are gonna keep it simple so you can go shopping.  Stick to the new guidelines and you will be fine!


LCMS Dress Code for 2017~2018


Rule #1. DRESS: be RESPECTING, RESPONSIBLE, SAFE and READY FOR LEARNING with how you dress each day.  Carefully read the few new LCMS dress rules below and then choose wisely. 

1a. Shirts: must cover your shoulders, all the way down to your belt level. Cover all undergarments.

1b. Pants/Shorts: must cover skin and all undergarments from the waistline down to a length lower than finger tips when arms are extended down sides of body.

1c: Pajamas & Blankets & Slippers: belong at home.  Only O.K. to wear on special dress up days.

1d. Jackets/Sweaters: high school and college teams are O.K.  Especially wear our feeder school (Elsie Allen High School) or Lawrence Cook Middle School materials.  Have SPIRIT!

1e. Hoods/Hats/Beanies/Knit Caps/Gloves—

  • Please DO NOT wear: bandanas or skullcaps.


  • Hats may be worn outdoors on hot or cold days.  Please wear them properly—so we can see your face and the front of the hat.  Take them off when you step inside buildings or classrooms—this shows respect.
  • Lettering, designs, logos or graphics: high school, college teams…see Rule #2 below for more information.

1f. Footwear—for purpose of personal safety…everyone must wear shoes that cover and protect your feet.

1g. Hair—keep it clean and neatly groomed.  This is just plain good health practice. 

1h. Physical Education:

  • Students may only wear approved Lawrence Cook Middle School Physical Education Uniforms or other grey, green, or white shirts, shorts, and sweats (talk to P.E. coaches).
  • Students must wear athletic shoes

Exceptions to the dress code may be made for Student Spirit Days or other Dress-Up Days and for any item that is sold in the student store when and where appropriate (hats, knit caps, shirts, etc.). 

RULE #2: Rules of thumb about inappropriate and unacceptable clothing

Per California Educational code: Any article of clothing or accessory that illustrates, depicts, showcases, and /or promotes: alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sex or suggestion thereof, affiliation with inappropriate groups, gangs, prejudice and/or hatred toward any age, gender, ethnicity, race, religion, physical or mental disability, violence or reveals/suggests body or undergarments or presents a health/safety risk is considered inappropriate and unacceptable.  Students are NOT to wear such items to school.  Students will be directed to change the clothing and parents shall be contacted.  A student who continues to violate these standards shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.   NOTE: as styles continually change, the school reserves the right to add/delete items to the dress code and/or list of inappropriate and unacceptable without prior notice.





Equip for Success!  We expect our Mustangs to arrive at school each and every day equipped for success!  The following items are the necessary tools of a good education:

·   3-ring binder—1½ “~2”   check for sale prices at local department stores!

·   Tabbed Dividers—to separate each class’ materials—sale prices at local department store!

·   (2-to-4) 100 page composition books to be used for note taking and journaling in classes…LCMS will provide these to you!

·   Lined paper—for assignments in classes

·   Pencils, pens, erasers—writing tools

·   Ruler—small

·   Pencil pouch (hole punch a gallon-sized Zip Lock bag and it will last a long time!)

·   Planner/Calendar—we will provide each student with one of these every quarter…keep track of assignments, major projects, upcoming tests, etc.

·   Reading Material—all students should ALWAYS carry reading material…a novel or some other type of book.  Keep your mind engaged.


Coaches Needed!

We are in need of coaches for wrestling and track!  Please look at the listings on EdJoin, and tell anyone who might be interested.  Thanks!


Upcoming Holidays!

July 4th!!   Celebrate Independence Day in the Southwest Santa Rosa Area!

Today: 7/22/17


Middle School Attendance Information


Middle School Attendance Information

School attendance is required by law. Every student ages 6 through 18 years of age must attend school every day and be on time for the ...more